• About Us

  • Wichita Fertilizing LLC was formed with one goal in mind - to provide honest, professional quality lawn fertilizing and weed control treatments to residents of Wichtia, KS.

    But beyond the technical aspects of providing quality lawn treatments, we want to give you an experience working with us that you won't get everywhere else.

    What does outstanding service look like:

    • We send you a text message the day before we will be at your home for the treatment.  You know when to expect us, and what we will be doing.
    • We use high quality granular fertilizers and professional liquid weed control products to keep your lawn a consistent lush green color, and weed free.  
    • Mike Williams and his long time staff will be the only applicators on your property.  You don't have to worry about strange dudes walking your lawn, and not knowing the specific issues your lawn has.  Mike and his staff is on top of it each and every treatment!
    • Double Your Money Back Guarantee! If you have any issues we will return to fix the issue free of charge.  If it can't be fixed to your liking, we will refund 100% of that application cost!

    As a long time lawn care provider, I know the stress that our lawns are put under by the weather we have each season.  By having a healthy, thick lawn with our program your weeds, disease and stress from the weather will be kept to a minimum.

    Take the worry out of lawn care - let us take care of it!