• Testimonials

  • We take great pride in the reviews from our customers!  Nothing gives us more satisfaction then pulling up to service a customers yard, and it being dark green, lush and weed free.  Just see what others are saying...

  • Wichita Fertilizing did a great job filling in a large low place in our front yard and overseeding our lawn this fall. Highly recommend them for your yard care.

    Rating: Karla Reichman

  • Appreciate the great communication and service. Our questions are always answered in a timely and thorough fashion and it’s great quality for the price!

    Rating: Jessica Glover

  • My yard has never looked so good and we've used plenty of different companies. Highest recommendation.

    Rating: Quentin L. Pittman

  • My yard looks great! Wichita Fertilizing over seeded and fertilized my yard this fall and it is looking great with their ongoing program. Very pleased!

    Rating: Lyle Jones

  • Great customer service. Very thoughtful of the health and safety of my children and pets during and after the application.

    Rating: Jeff Parsons

  • When we moved into our home in August 2017, the yard was a MESS--weeds, bare spots, thin grass, etc. We've had Wichita Fertilizing LLC out several times since then, and our yard now looks amazing! I haven't spotted a weed yet (May 2018), our bare spots are almost completely filled in, and the grass is super thick! Mind you, we as home-owners have done NOTHING other than mow--so this is all due to the treatments applied by Wichita Fertilizing LLC! We are very happy with the results and will keep using this company to maintain our now lovely lawn!

    Elaine Mullens

  • My yard has been looking great since they have been working the yard. They does a great job communicating.

    Nick Ybarra

  • They are very personable and knowledgeable. Arrived promptly on time, answered all my questions and performed all requested work in a timely and professional manner. They have fertilized my lawn and also killed my unwanted Bermuda and Crabgrass. They then reseeded my Fescue grass to fill in where Bermuda was killed. Very pleased with the service and will continue to use this pro and recommend it to others.

    Tom Byrne

  • My lawn is 5 years old from seed not sod. It is looking the best it has ever looked--thick, lush, dark green. I have received numerous compliments from friends and family. Good service and results but maybe a bit pricey.

    Monte Slaven