Residential Fertilizing

Residential fertilizing is an important aspect of lawn care, as it helps ensure that your outdoor space looks great and remains healthy. Fertilizer needs to be applied regularly for optimal results and our team of experienced professionals are here to help. We understand the importance of using the right fertilizer for the demands of your soil, which is why we provide our clients with only premium products that are environmentally friendly and safe.

Let’s get your lawn looking its best with our 7-step fertilizing program. With specialized treatments at strategic points throughout the season, we’ll help ensure you have a lush and beautiful outdoor space all year round!

7 Step Fertilizing Program

Step One: Pre-Emergent w/ Fertilizer 

February/March: Also known as Crabgrass Preventer, this application will stop new Crabgrass from germinating while giving your grass the food it needs to start the year off strong.

Step Two: 2nd Pre-Emergent w/ Fertilizer

April: Extends pre-emergent control and broadleaf weed spray controls weeds like clover, dandelions and spurge.

Step Three: Summer Fertilizer

May: Builds nutrient supply to help withstand heat stress, drought and disease throughout summer. (spot spray weeds)

Step Four & Five: Grub Control & Fertilizer

July: combined treatment – This application keeps the grubs at bay. We also fertilize and target weeds that sprout during the hot summer months. (spot spray weeds)

Step Six: Fall Fertilizer

September: This application is high in Nitrogen to help the lawn recover quickly from the hot summer stresses. This is also a great time to consider aeration and over-seeding to thicken up the lawn. (spot spray weeds) (Contact me for quotes on aeration and/or over-seeding)

Step Seven: Winterizer

November: This late fall application is applied right at the end of the season so the roots can absorb all the nutrients without growth of the grass. The ensures a quick green-up in early spring!

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